19 min. | USA | 2020
by Shan Wu


Following the journey of a Taiwanese woman from humid and dense Taipei to the yellow sprawl of Los Angeles, the story reveals the conflict between her expectations and reality while she finds herself struggling with a new language and her lack of a car.

She begins a romantic relationship with her American housemate rooted in an imbalance of power. The woman's difficulties communicating lead to an awakening that forces her to look back on the culture that formed her, which she has been trying to escape.  Through confronting her own image and her failure at communicating, WILD GRASS tells a story of her reflection and the identity shift she experiences. 

We never hear from the woman on the screen nor the narrator.  As the correlation and mismatch between the image and the text become more unstable, the veracity of both the image and words comes into question. The woman’s struggle with her inner self plays out as she runs over and over again in an imaginary landscape— where her memory of water and sound from Taiwan is laid over yellow wild grass.

Country of Production: United State
Shot in: Los Angeles, Taipei
Language: English (Chinese subtitles available)
Format: 1920x1440, Stereo, 1.3:1